Smart cards are widely used today in various fields and industries due to their security features, convenience, portability and ability to store and process information. By combining disparate technologies such as the microchip, software, radio frequency, materials and security printing, smart cards have transformed identification documents and have successfully replaced the conventional magnetic striped bank ATM or credit cards.

The same technology has gained global acceptance and is widely used in electronic passports. The increasing threat of identity fraud necessitates the strengthening of security features in passports. With electronic passports, biometric verification can be used at border controls to detect counterfeit or manipulated documents and confirm the identity of a person.

Vezion’s knowledge and expertise in this field covers the whole spectrum of the electronic identity documentation, from operating systems, card applications and customised software to cryptography, biometrics, and microchips. The products we offer comply with security certification and international standards governing smart cards. Our range of products include:

  • MRP – passports and electronic passports
  • full national identity cards
  • driving licenses
  • bank cards
  • health cards
  • corporate identity badges