The Vezion Group of Companies

The Vezion Group is a technology consultancy and solutions firm with core expertise in identity management, smart cards & electronic passports, and electronic payment. Our skills and experience also extend to border control, surveillance & analytics, anti-fraudulent tax system, and cybersecurity.

Our Mission & Philosophy

At Vezion, we combine creative techniques with new technologies by transforming exciting concepts into practical integrated solutions. Our expertise and continued research into future trends ensures our solutions are relevant and applicable to both public and private sector requirements. With our group of professionals, experiences in the industry, unique solutions and services offered, we make it our mission to be your preferred technology solutions provider.

We believe that the concept of a solution goes beyond the delivery of technical components and systems. In fact, we take a step further by addressing key issues such as integrating systems and business processes, project financing, legal issues and achieving realistic goals when implementing large-scale or national-level projects.

We understand that investments in any technology infrastructure can be considerable and must be optimised to reach the maximum return on investment. This is where we are able to play a pivotal role in helping our clients achieve this goal. With our capabilities, we are able to assist them create a virtual environment, where such infrastructures can be shared within and between organisations, or procured through managed services to reduce infrastructure costs on a per user basis.

With this approach, we can help our clients achieve their business objectives while we manage the required technology and investments in the most cost-effective way.

Our Partners

In delivering our services, we work with our strategic partners and associated companies, both locally and abroad, with proven track records in their areas of expertise.

Our partners include:

NXP Semiconductors
one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies
HID Global
a manufacturer of global identity solutions based in Texas, USA
Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH (OeSD)
involved in the production of high quality security documents and identity documents for the Austrian Government
Aisino Corporation
China’s sole provider of the National VAT tax-control system
a French research company specialising in providing innovative, efficient and practical solutions to tackle complex security problems.
Amir Consulting
Management consultancy firm based in France
Dagang NeXchange Berhad (DNeX)
provides e-commerce services for trade facilitation, IT consultancy and system integration.
Cybersecurity Malaysia
Provides cyber security services, forensic investigations, certification and advisory.
Regula Forensics
Provides modern engineering high quality products assisting law enforcement agencies in preventing and fighting crime.