Our goal is to offer customers the best security consultancy services and unparalled implementation and support services. We leverage on our vast industry experience, technical knowledge and collaborations with our partners to ensure that the projects we manage are executed flawlessly, timely and within budget.

Our team comprises individuals who have the wealth of experience and knowledge in this field, and capable of delivering practical and value-added solutions to our clients.

Every project that we manage is regarded as a partnership with our clients. Establishing these partnerships is regarded as an investment which we value highly. As such, our clients will always have our assurance of commitment throughout the duration of the project to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Project Lifecycle Diagram


Conduct detailed analysis and viability of project from a technical and commercial perspective in relation to the client’s objectives.

Develop Project Design documentation, i.e the complete project blueprint detailing the scope of work, technical requirements, resource requirements, delivery schedule, implementation strategy and project financing.

Technical components will be customised to specific requirements and tested for its functionality. System modules will be integrated and tested at this stage to ensure the overall system performs according to its design. Once completed, on-site installation will commence.

A key process in the project lifecycle, the implementation stage looks at managing the change for users, empowering them with knowledge on the functionality of the system and operating an environment where policies and procedures of the new system are adhered to.

Maintenance & Support
At this stage, the system is expected to be fully operational and depending on performance requirements, support personnel must be trained to attend to any support call in case of any system errors, malfunction or failure. We also help our clients set up a helpdesk; draft support policies and procedures; train support personnel to attend to and resolve issues encountered by users, and perform scheduled and preventive system maintenance to ensure the system remains fully operational with minimum downtime.