To monitor compliance with Value Added Tax (VAT), China introduced a major fiscal reform project called the ‘Golden Tax Project’ which mandates the use of specific sophisticated information technologies to improve compliance with China’s VAT laws. Implemented nationwide, this system is a centralised monitoring system under the control of the tax authorities to reduce the incident of tax fraud in the country. Our partner, Aisino Corporation, is the only certified provider of the Golden Tax software in China.

By leveraging on Aisino’s expertise, Vezion is able to offer the know-how in the field of Informative Tax Credit Fraud (ITC) and anti-counterfeit technologies. Our solutions comprise global leading technologies to safeguard governments and corporations from the detrimental effects of counterfeiting. Working in collaboration with Aisino, Vezion will be introducing a tracking system for Malaysia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST), also known as the national e-receipt system (NRS), as one of its suite of services.